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Profectus Living accompanies you in your growth process so that you can achieve all your personal and professional goals.


Coaching is a partnership with clients that through a creative process stimulates reflection, inspiring them to maximize their own personal and professional potential. Stimulating discovery, introspection, commitment and action are some of the goals.


1. Discover yourself and understand each other on a deeper level.
2. Become a new observer of oneself and the world.
3. Significantly change behavior.
4. Relate in a more constructive way.
5. Expand the possibilities of action to create one's own future.
6. Be aware of how to listen and communicate.
7. Recognize moods and emotions.
8. Manage how emotions and behaviors manifest.
9. Recognize and modify inefficient patterns of behavior.
10. Become the best resource for oneself to achieve goals.


He is a person who agrees to use the skills acquired through experience and specialist certifications to accompany the client towards achieving their goals. The coach is not a guide, but a tool that through questions, feedback, language dissent and other elements breaks limiting opinions and creates new possibilities for the client.


1. Duration of plans: varies depending on customer needs. Regardless of the first meeting with the client, they have an average duration of 10 sessions.
2. Duration of the sessions: 60 minutes.
3. Privacy: The coach maintains the highest level of confidentiality.


Throughout our lives we make many decisions, and it is these that end up defining who we are and who we will be. Profectus Living accompanies our clients in their decision-making process. We research, analyze and provide information in order to arrive at a conscious and as complete a decision as possible.  



Are you open and vulnerable? Do you listen to the needs of others while maintaining your integrity and honesty?


Health and Sport

What do you do to improve your health and well-being? Do you do sports? How do you train? What do you eat Do you sleep enough?



What are your financial goals? What do you do to save? Do you want to buy a house? 


Family and/or Friends

How do you strengthen relationships with friends and family? How do you approach and create stronger bonds? What do you do to make things better?

Personal Growth

Personal Growth

How much time do you spend on your personal and spiritual growth? Do you know who you are? What is your identity?


Passions and Fun

What do you do for fun? Do you leave room for pleasure? How do you disconnect from everyday life?


Professional Career

What do you do with your time to make money? What do you do to learn more and grow?



What is the environment like in which you live? Do you have a clean and tidy room and house? Does it reflect your personality?



What do you do to give? How do you help the community where you live? Do you put your skills at the service of others?


In order to offer quality and more free time to our customers, we offer a range of services that cover various areas of our lives. The offer has a modular structure to allow individual or joint subcontracting, and linked or not to the services of Coaching and Consulting. 

Graphics and Design

The emblem with which the company will be recognized.

Brand Book

Color Palette, Typography, Iconography, Verbal Identity.

Invitations and Others

Invitations, Infographics, Catalogs, Menus, Brochures, etc.

Illustration and Product

Digital and hand-drawn illustrations, Books, Industrial Product, etc.

Web and Networks

Improve the UX of your visitors, Social Networks (headers, posts, etc.)


T-shirts, Sweaters, Caps, Socks, Cups, Cell Phone Cases, etc.

Digital Marketing
Social Networks

Configuration, Creation, Planning, Management, Reports.


Configuration, Creation, Planning, Management, Reports.


Auditing, Page Optimization, Keywords, Content Creation.


Support in the search, decision making and purchase of the web domain.

Web Hosting

Web hosting, emails and web settings.

Web Creation

Creation of adaptive websites and e-commerce for PC and mobile.

Professional Career
Interviews Preparation

Simulation of interviews to get closer to the desired job.

Personal Branding

Creating a unique image aligned with your values, passions and goals.

Creation of CVs

Creation of CVs and professional cover letters.


Call management and organization of meetings, trips and events.

Career Coaching

Support in the definition and pursuit of the objectives and the professional career plan.


Customer search, negotiation, contracting and monitoring of the agreement.

Courses, Workshops and Talks

Our courses, workshops and talks are designed to transmit a series of knowledge and experiences that pursue the goal of training, empowering, motivating and inspiring participants.

In Progress.

Tell us your need and we will include it in the offer.

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