3 days of trail running against cancer

It is not necessary to live with cancer or to face any other adverse situation to support this fight


to support the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) which accompanies patients and their families in the process of fighting cancer. The 100% of the contributions are destined to the AECC.

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The challenge

1 race, 3 days, 77 kilometers and 4.760 meters of accumulated elevation gain


Es tracta d'una iniciativa creada a títol individual pel Sergi, amant del trail running que utilitzarà el seu temps i recursos per recaptar fons per l'AECC


To add value to society by actively helping people suffering from cancer and their families, and to feel useful by making their own capabilities available for a charitable purpose


The collection will be done using 2 unique channels:
1. The challenge created on the AECC website
2. El perfil Instagram del Sergi
This will allow to have control and to evaluate the success of the initiative

When and where?

Contributions can be made at any time before, during and after the race, from now until September 19, 2021. The race (Andorra Trail) will be held in Andorra between the 3rd and the 5th of Septemer of 2021


Hello! I'm Sergi!

As discussed in the previous section I am a fan of trail running who is simply sharing their hobby, their abilities and the desire to generate positive change in the world to create this initiative. I think we live in a world where everything moves fast, where we don't think a lot about the situation of others, and where many times, when we or one of our relatives doesn't feel well, we do not know what to do to deal with the situation.

My grandfather lived with colon cancer, and one of my relatives is currently following AECC support programs. In no case it is an easy situation, especially for those suffering from the disease. Talking about it, even with family members, becomes difficult, and combining daily life in these conditions becomes a real challenge. I advance you that I will not win the race. It’s not the goal and you can’t help me to do it either. But the challenge that every person suffering from cancer faces, is something we can overcome together!

Below you will find additional details about what I plan to do before, during and after the race. Feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute, whether helping with outreach, providing information as an expert, or otherwise.

Finally, as you can imagine this initiative comes at a cost. If you would like to help financially or act as sponsors to cover expenses such as travel, registration, material and marketing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for the support!
Let's go!

Planned activities

Let's bring the mountain close to everyone who for health reasons cannot go there.
If you have other ideas or want to help, contact me!

  • Before the race

  • Definition of the initiative
  • Creation of a landing page
  • Broadcast of the initiative
  • Awareness and fundraising through Instagram
  • Search of sponsors
  • Search of collaborators
  • Purchase of material
  • Oh yes, training!!!
  • During the race (3rd to 5th September)

  • Broadcast of the initiative
  • Awareness and fundraising through Instagram
  • Live streaming on Facebook of part of the race
  • Run, and enjoy!!!
  • After the race

  • Broadcast of the initiative
  • Awareness and fundraising through Instagram
  • Creation of audiovisual content for the AECC
  • Final evaluation of the initiative


The ideal time to take action does not exist! The fight against cancer is everyone's business. Move on!

Start of the race

End of collection

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