We support companies and individuals in their sustainable progress.

Let’s make that what we do today has value also tomorrow.

What we do?

We work with our clients to define a vision and implement measures in an agile way


We offer our clients the possibility of contracting our services of high quality and professionalism, allowing them to focus on their core activities and reducing uncertainty.


We work with our clients to achieve tangible and lasting results over time. We generate enthusiasm among project participants to navigate and achieve transformations.


By using questions we help our clients learn from their own experiences, abandon limiting beliefs, and take intentional action to achieve goals.

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Contact us to tell us your needs. We will define the most appropriate accompaniment.

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Courses, Workshops and Talks

Profectus Living runs courses, workshops and talks of various lengths and formats to train and inspire participants. Do you pursue a specific goal?


Our radius of action is mainly concentrated in 5 sectors



Real estate




Profectus Living has helped us redefine our market strategy by allowing us to create products and services that meet the real needs of our customers.

Jordi S.


Profectus Living was born in response to the uncertainty generated by COVID-19, and the desire to help people, SMEs and large companies to lead progress towards a new, more sustainable and inclusive reality. Profectus Living offers its customers the set of multi-cultural, multi-sectoral and multi-functional experiences lived by its collaborators, as well as its passion and commitment to innovate and find value-added solutions over time.

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